All bookkeeping and payroll needs can be met by Woods Accounting.

Here’s how it works

1. You have a need for ongoing or catch-up

bookkeeping, accounting, or payroll services.


2. Call Woods Accounting at (406) 969-5394

and receive a free estimate of the monthly

cost to fill your needs. Together, we design

the accounting plan that is right for you.


3. Woods Accounting will update your books

on a Monthly or Quarterly basis. Our reports

are accurate, easy-to-read, and designed

to meet your needs.


4. You sleep soundly knowing your business

finances are taken care of!


5. At tax time we can help you with your taxes since we have all your bookkeeping information, or we can provide your CPA and/or tax accountant well-kept books from which to do their work, saving you money -and saving them a headache!

Benefits to You

1. Cost Savings: Instead of hiring a full-time employee and paying payroll taxes and benefits, save money by using Woods Accounting for Month-End  bookkeeping or Accounting.


2. Full Time/Real Time Access: Woods Accounting is available to you on a full-time

basis, via email or telephone. Plus, your accounting is updated regularly and you have real-time access to your finances.


3. Simplicity: Woods Accounting service is fast and efficient and eliminates the headaches of lack of information about your finances. We update your books regularly, take care of your payroll and filings, and make your finances simpler so you can focus on managing your business.


4. Continuity: Woods Accounting will maintain your books regularly no matter what.  You never have to find, hire, and re-train a new person.


5. No Office Space, Computers, or Software to Buy: Woods Accounting will take care of all of it for you - securely, remotely, completely.

Taxes & Bookkeeping you can count on!

Woods Accounting


Lisa Woods



Emily Sanchez


Physical address:

1030 S. 24th St. W

Billings, MT  59102


Mailing address:

1030 s. 24th St. W

Billings, MT  59102