Bookkeeping & Payroll Services


* Initial Consultation & Bid                                                        Free


* Payroll Paychecks per Employee                                             $10


* Payroll Quarterlies per Form                                                   $10


* Payroll Annual per Form                                                        $10


* Payroll Direct Deposit available for clients                            call for details


* Monthly Bookkeeping                                                              $75 (plus)

             depending on size of business


* Client Customized Reports                                                       $10/report


* One-time bookkeeping start-up                                               $50

             plus depending on size of business


* One-time payroll start up                                                          $50

             plus depending on size of business


* Hourly bookkeeping available                                                 call for details




Tax Services

Federal & State Returns


* Individual  - (one W-2) (State & Federal 1040)                      $80

             plus $10 per additional Form/Schedule


*Individual - more than one W-2 with deductions                     $100

             State and Federal 1040


* S Corp - starting at                                                                     $300

             plus $10 per additional Form/K-I


* Partnership - starting at                                                             $200

             plus $10 per additional Form /K-I


* Sole Proprietor - starting at                                                       $150
             depending on size of business


* LLC - starting at                                                                         $200

             Depending on size of business


*All prices are depending on complexity of tax return and what is brought into the  initial meeting. 

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Lisa Woods



Emily Sanchez



Physical address:

1030 S. 24th St. W

Billings, MT  59102


Mailing address:

1030 S. 24th St. W

Billings, MT  59102

406-969-5394 - phone
406-969-5395 - fax

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For more information on either taxes or bookkeeping for you as an individual or for your business please contact Woods Accounting.  We are happy to help you with your financial needs.  Please click on the email address below and we will be back in touch with you within 24 hours.  Thank you.